Private 1:1 

In your 1:1 soccer training session, expect a comprehensive approach targeting agility, balance, passing, first touch, dribbling, and shooting. Agility drills will enhance your quick directional changes, while balance exercises will improve stability crucial for control on the field. Passing drills will refine both short and long-range accuracy, while first touch exercises aim to enhance your ability to receive the ball cleanly. Dribbling drills will focus on close control and beating defenders with skill moves, and shooting practice will refine your technique for power and accuracy. Throughout the session, expect personalized feedback and game-like scenarios to enhance your overall performance and readiness for match situations.


Group Training 

In small group training, anticipate a dynamic and collaborative environment where you, along with two other players, will work together under the guidance of a trainer to enhance your skills across multiple facets of the game. The session will likely focus on fostering teamwork, communication, and tactical awareness while targeting agility, balance, passing, first touch, dribbling, and shooting. Cooperative drills and small-sided games will be utilized to encourage interaction and understanding among all participants, allowing each player to both contribute to and benefit from the collective effort. The trainer will provide personalized feedback to each player, emphasizing the importance of cohesion and synchronization within the group. Together, you'll strive to elevate your individual abilities while developing a cohesive understanding of team dynamics, ultimately aiming to translate your collective improvement into success on the field.



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