Mission Statement:

The mission at All Goals Soccer is to provide clients with personalized and high-quality training that focuses on improving their skills and confidence on the field. Dedicated to creating a supportive and positive learning environment where players of all ages and abilities can reach their full potential.  Working closely with each client to understand their unique strengths and areas for improvement, tailoring training programs to meet their specific needs. My goal is to help clients develop a love for the game and achieve their personal goals, both on and off the field.


We got to know Coach Bailey through TOCA, his method of correcting and coaching the girls' first touch immediately impressed me. Later, Coach Bailey became the soccer coach for both of my daughters, aged 9 and 12, who play in the XF RCL and ECNL teams. He carefully listens to my requests and applies different training techniques tailored to the girls' develpmental stages. As a picky soccer dad, i trust Coach Bailey more than any other coach we have had before  

-Hui J.


I really enjoy training with Bailey. He has helped me hone in on my ball skills through a variety of technical drills and advice. Additionally, Bailey has provided me with position-specific drills that include cognitive exercises, aiding in both my positional development and my mental growth"

-Maia Tabion Colombia Women's Soccer   

"My son, who is in the midst of his third year on a competitive B14 team has been training with Bailey for the past several months to sharper and elevate his technical skills and confidence on the pitch. In a short period of time we have seen his agility, touch, and overall technique make a big improvement. Just as important, our son always looks forward to training with Bailey. We are fortunate that our young player has a soccer mentor in Bailey, Thank you Coach!" 


- Adam 

"My son had a great time for the first training session. He said he rated it 10 out of 10 for both the coach and the session"     

-Claude W.



"The private coaching that our son has received from Coach Bailey is phenomenal. He is always prepared and shows a high level of knowledge about the sport. He has a highly technical ability to break down soccer skills into their base parts for a child to follow. Our son gets excited for his sessions with Coach Bailey. The skills and confidence he has learned from Coach Bailey are visible on the field at his games. We are beyond thankful to have found Coach Bailey."

- Megan L.

"Bailey has been a personal or small group soccer trainer for multiple members of our select soccer team.  Combining our ongoing club practices with Bailey's training outside of the club commitment has shown great progress of skills for multiple players across the team. This season we have seen improvements in the players' first touch, making moves around defenders, confidence in shots and footwork, and overall agility.  Our players talk positively about their experience with Bailey and sign up voluntarily rain or shine for more training.  That says a lot as it has been a very cold and wet winter here.  As players grow skills and confidence, their progress becomes contagious across the team with overall growth.  As a coach I appreciate how Bailey checks in with us frequently on areas to focus on and he has been great about supporting alongside of what we work on as a club.  Thank you, Bailey, for being such a great partner and for all you do with these amazing kiddos we get to see grow as soccer players and great humans." 

-Rebecca T. 

"Coach Bailey has been training my 2 daughters, 10 and 12, for the past 6 months to and giving group lessons my U13 select team for 5 months. He is professional, communicates well, is reliable, and always on time. 


As a parent and as a team coach, Bailey has collaborated with me to give focused, individualized training to each of my players. He has great movement analysis and develops practice plans to help facilitate soccer skill development.  He is able to multi-task with multiple players and keeps them focused the entire lesson. He makes the training fun and engaging.  Sense training with Bailey I have seen great development in first touch, scanning/field awareness, trapping, volleys, ball control, etc. I have given out multiple referrals to friends and other coaches who have also had nothing but positive experiences.  I would highly recommend Bailey White as a private or semi-private coach"

-Becca H.  Coach Crossfire G2011

"We are so lucky to have found Coach Bailey! He does such a great job with our 9 year old son. Not only helping him improve his soccer game but also with his background in psychology, he helps the kids with their social and emotional development as well. My son looks up to Coach Bailey and he is a wonderful role model. We Would Highly recommend him if your child needs help with his/her game. he doubles as a big brother which we are so grateful for. Thank you Coach Bailey for everything you do!!"

-Amy G. 

“Bailey is an exceptional soccer trainer who has helped my daughter improve her skills in various areas such as touches, traps, accuracy, and power of her shots and agility. Bailey is very supportive, makes each session fun, and motivating even in the pouring rain.  He has a great way of making the training sessions enjoyable while still pushing my daughter to be her best. I would highly recommend Bailey to anyone looking for a personal soccer trainer.”   

-Dave T.

"My daughter has been training with Bailey and loves it! Bailey has been wonderful about helping her with technical skills. We have seen huge improvements from her in a short period of time and she is always excited to work with him. We highly recommend Bailey as a coach"

-Tana M.


"He thinks of all the concepts I am not able to. He's understanding, patient, and encouraging"

- Harper M.



"Great working with coach Bailey so far, could tell he had put a lot of thought into tailoring his session to what my son needed, looking forward to working with him in the future"

- Simon G.